2021 Featured Rescues

Biscuit Sheep at Farm Sanctuary

2021 Featured Rescues

Jenny: Pig Abandoned in a Pet Crate, Now Part of a Family

Biscuit: Teen Helps Blind Sheep Find Sanctuary

Pietro: Injury & Empathy Save Dairy Calf From Death

Macka, Dobie, Milo, and Rad: “Jailbird” Ducklings Get a Second Chance

Mickey: Little Lamb Who Struggled To Stand Finds Strength Through Sanctuary

Aggie & Paula: How Two Cows Helped Each Other Heal

June B. Free and Susan: Cows Flee Slaughterhouse, Find Sanctuary

Norman: Solitary Steer Finds His Place in the Herd

Missy: Pigs Finds Her Place at Sanctuary

Jack and Allan: Valuing Pigs at Farm Sanctuary

Lemondrop, Cottonball, and Friends: 41 Chickens Rescued From Two NYC Crises

Glen: Runaway Goat Finds Sanctuary

Hayes: Calf Rescued From Solitude Finds Family at Sanctuary