2019 Featured Rescues

Pippi calf licking Forrest calf

2019 Featured Rescues

Four Calves Rescued from the Dairy Industry Find Sanctuary

Pippi: Healing a Broken Heart

Alondra: A Goat from the Bronx Gets a Second Chance

Officer Cal: Named for the NYC Cop Who Rescued Him

Max: This Lamb is Melting Hearts

Archibald Salt & The Earl of Pepper: Two Newly-Named Grandpa Goats Retire In Style

Forrest: How One Orphaned Calf’s Rescue Changed Two Lives

Dixon: The Free Craigslist Calf, is Priceless

Princess: How One Woman Granted a Cow’s Happily Ever After

Snickers: Breeding Cow Who Couldn’t Deliver Finds Sanctuary

Holly Sheep’s Rebirth

Pam, Kevin, Bruce, Shawn, and Phry: Students Choose Sanctuary Over Slaughter

Seymour: Standing Out from the Herd

Boris: From Slaughter to “Sunshine State”:

Patch: Ram Stuck in the Past Gains a New Future at Farm Sanctuary

Sadie : From Gravel Lot to Green Pasture

Rita: Tiny Calf who Lost so Much Finds Her Way Home

Nana and Wednesday: A Journey of Hope, Loss, and Healing

Honey, Camina, and Lux: The 32-Hour Rescue

Ebony and Ivory: (Finally) Together in Perfect Harmony

George: Tiny Piglet Left for Dead Now Has a Big Life Ahead of Him

Tutu : Art Project Helps Rescued Turkey Escape Slaughter