2018 Featured Rescues

Sweet Pea Cow at Farm Sanctuary

2018 Featured Rescues

Sweet Pea: Cow Once Used for Breeding Finds Sanctuary in Her Golden Years

One Rescued Sheep, Three New Sanctuary Residents: Lamb Twins Born at Sanctuary

Leo: Calf Survives Horrific Treatment and Finds a Happy New Home at Farm Sanctuary

Peggy: The Power of Sanctuary Helps a Rescued Cow Get on Her Feet

Three Calves Bound for Veal Processing Plant Find Sanctuary Instead

Lamb Triplets Kevin, Harley, and Quinn Find Sanctuary After Tragedy

Four Rescued Cows’ Journey From Slaughterhouse to Sanctuary

Philadelphia Freedom: Imperiled Chicks Now Safe and Sound at Farm Sanctuary

Yeti: The ‘Baaad’ Boy of the Sheep Barn Finds the Perfect Home

Alice: Goat Gets the Fresh Start She Needs at Farm Sanctuary

‘Gilmore Girls’ Sheep and Donkey Safe for Life Following Successful Court Case

Dale: Farm Sanctuary Helps a Steer in Need Find a Happy Forever Home

Sophie: Rescued Lamb Now Stands Tall at Sanctuary

Rufio: Rescued Goat Gets a Fresh Start and a Wheeled Cart at Farm Sanctuary

Brooklyn Rescue: Farm Sanctuary Gets Two Goats on the Right Track

Hope: After Traumatic Injury, Hen Finds the Care She Needs

Grace: Goat Once Deprived of Companionship and Care Finds Both at Sanctuary

Frankie: Lamb’s Rough Start Turns Into a Bright Future

Bonnie: Escapee Cow is Out of the Woods and Into Sanctuary

Howard: Calf Who Couldn’t Get Up Now Stands Tall at Farm Sanctuary

Layla: Cow Once Used for Dairy Production Gets a Fresh Start

Milton: Calf Survives the Dairy Industry and Finds a Happy New Life at Farm Sanctuary

Sven: Calf Who Survived a Tragic Fire Finds a Happy New Life

Oprah Wingfree: Chicken Who Survived Cruelty Finds Sanctuary

Starving Pigs Rescued from Nightmarish Conditions in Cattaraugus County, NY

Downey Chicks”: Survivors of Harrowing Freeway Ordeal Find Sanctuary