2017 Featured Rescues

Bam Bam Goat at Farm Sanctuary

2017 Featured Rescues

Bam Bam: Goat Once Forced to Walk on His Knees Now Stands Tall

Charlie T: A Happy Home for a Once-Lonely Goat in Need

“The Fab Four”: Yellville Turkeys Survive Cruelty with a Little Help From Their Friends

Willow: Lamb Who Survived Mountain Lion Attack Gets the Care She Needs

Jackie, Nancy, Stanton, & Friends: Bovines Rescued From the Muck Shine at Sanctuary

Corrie & Ellis: Two Lonely Lambs Find Family at Farm Sanctuary

Natalie & Ros: Runaway Cow and Her Blind Friend Find a Happy Home at Sanctuary

Erin: Lamb Born in Safety at Sanctuary Following Mom’s Rescue From Neglect

Junip Sydney: Piglet Born at Petting Zoo Finds Safety at Sanctuary

Aria: So-Called “Spent” Hen Gets a Second Chance After Miraculous Survival

Von D: Piglet Born at Backyard Butcher Operation Finds a Happy New Home

Sparrow: One-Footed Chicken Finds the Perfect Sanctuary Home

Duncan, Thomas, & Tove (and Tilda): Goat Brothers (and Mom!) Get a Fresh Start

Betty Rose: Lost, Elderly Sheep Finds a Place to Spend Her Golden Years

George: Turkey Finds a Happy New Life at Farm Sanctuary

Regina: Injured Lamb Gets the “Leg Up” She Deserves at Farm Sanctuary