2016 Featured Rescues

Wilson goat and Isaac steer in the snow at Farm Sanctuary

2016 Featured Rescues

Westley: City Calf Moves to the Country

Gary: Calf Rescued from Dairy Industry Finds Home at Sanctuary

Celebrating “Chicktoberfest”: Hundreds of Rescued Chickens Begin New Lives

Isaac: Steer Finds True Sanctuary After Enduring Mistreatment and Neglect

Peanut: Apartment-Dwelling Rooster Finds a Proper Home at Farm Sanctuary

Carlton: Compassionate Neighbor Helps Imperiled Calf Get the Help He Needs

Sandy & Spunky: Turkeys Recover from Neglect at Farm Sanctuary

Sarah Tobias: Resilient Hen Begins a New Life

Hippo, Pinto, The Dude, and Frosty: Elderly Goats Get TLC at Farm Sanctuary

Derek Zoolander & Hansel: Cockfighting Survivors Get a New Start

Cameron: Couple’s Compassionate Actions Save Injured Piglet

Liz & Cashew: An Act of Love Delivers Former Dairy Residents to Safety

Bella & Stella: Chick with Deformed Beak, and Her Best Bird Pal, Find Sanctuary

Cinder: Real Rescue at Last for Neglected Goat

Scarlett, Temperance, Marilyn, and Olive: Sanctuary Teamwork Saves Chickens

Scott: Lucky Lamb Survives Near-Fatal Illness

Pecan: Calf Born Safe at Sanctuary to Mother Rescued from Cruelty

Frank: Bull Escapes Slaughter in NYC and Gets a New Life at Farm Sanctuary

Cattaraugus County Rescue: Meet Some of the 170+ Animals Saved from Cruelty

Clark and Kent: Abandoned Goat Kids Find a New Family at Sanctuary

Topanga: Compassionate Traveler Rescues Lamb in Need

Lulu and Min: Goat Sisters Born in Safety to Mother Saved from Backyard Butcher

Alida: Little Lamb Avoids “Farm-to-Table” Fate