2010 Featured Rescues

Blitzen steer at Farm Sanctuary

2010 Featured Rescues

Alexander, Blitzen, and Lawrence: Newborn Calves from Stockyard on Road to Recovery at New York Shelter

Eileen and Shannon: Turkeys’ Path Veers from Slaughter to Sanctuary

Riley: Sickly Piglet Found at Stockyard Recovers at New York Shelter

Justin: Goat Knocks On Door, Finds Refuge at California Shelter

Oliver: Neglected Calf Beats the Odds at California Shelter

Daphne and Velma: Baby Turkeys Get Fresh Start at New York Shelter

Bob Harper: Mighty Little Piglet Falls from Truck, Lands at New York Shelter

Jay: Transport Truck Crash Victim Finds Refuge at New York Shelter

Kim Gordon: Rockstar Piglet Makes Some Noise at New York Shelter

Lulu and Friends: Pregnant Goats Rescued from Neglect Give Birth at New York Shelter

Daisy and Friends: Seized Hatchery Ducklings Find Refuge at California Shelter

Lily: Baby Goat Brought to Safety in the Nick of Time

Teddy, Amigo, Poncho, Filipe, Sasha, and Jasper: Newborn Calves Rescued from Neglect at Pennsylvania Farm

Blossom: Wandering Piglet Finds Her Way at California Shelter

Vito and Clancy: Runaways Steer Their Way Toward New York Shelter

Melvin: Rescued Goat Makes a Home at California Shelter

Billy: A Calf’s Life is Saved by Compassionate Act

Gloria: Neglected Goat Gets Second Chance at New York Shelter