2009 Featured Rescues

Jim goat at Farm Sanctuary

2009 Featured Rescues

Taylor and Friends: Baby Turkeys Bring Thanksgiving Early to California Shelter

Jim: Mystery Goat from Bronx Recovers at New York Shelter

Angelo: Lamb Born in Slaughterhouse-Bound Truck Delivered to Safety

Chesed: Chicken Spared from Ceremonial Sacrifice in NYC

Fedor, Alexi and Mishka: Three Ducks Saved By Heroic Act of Compassion

Evan: Baby Goat Found on Bronx Parkway Reaches Farm Sanctuary

Isadora and Duncan: Escape (Goats) from New York City

Claire: Injured Duck Gets Helping Hand at the California Shelter

Doughty: Brave Runaway Goat Escapes Slaughter

Coco: Severely Neglected Goat Recovers at the California Shelter

Boba: A New York City Chicken Goes Country

Lucas: Loving Pig Finds New Home at the California Shelter

Fiona: Spring Brings Second Chance for Piglet at the New York Shelter

Jack: Newborn Goat Left for Dead at Stockyard Recovers at New York Shelter

Ady, Colvin, and Wendy: Family of Sheep Finds Safe Refuge at California Shelter

Wendy: Wayward Chicken Lands at the California Shelter

Wheatberry: One of 209 Layer Hens Rescued in Time for New Year