Stella and Maya: Miracle Babies Save Mothers from Slaughter

Abigail Stella Maya goats

Stella and Maya: Miracle Babies Save Mothers from Slaughter

Stella would have been dead by Christmas. In late December, a slaughterhouse owner bought her and several other “spent” dairy goats at a stockyard.

Like all female goats in dairy production, they had lived their short lives in a cycle of impregnation, birth and lactation. Their babies were taken from them immediately after birth, the girls to be raised as replacements, the boys to be auctioned for meat or disposed of by some other fatal means. After a few years of this, the dairy goats’ bodies were worn out, and their milk production declined. It was then their turn to face the auction and the kill floor. It was a normal day at the slaughterhouse until Stella went into labor.

Unaware that one of his purchases was pregnant, the facility owner was taken by surprise. And then he was taken by another emotion. Seeing the tender devotion between the mother and her newborn kid, he decided to let them live. Stella and her newborn baby were spared. The slaughterhouse owner reached out to a relative who had worked at Cornell University Hospital for Animals, and she knew exactly where the goats could go to be safe. She contacted our New York Shelter, and we were quickly on our way. When we arrived to rescue the goats, we found another mother goat who had recently given birth as well. We then asked, and the slaughterhouse owner agreed, to let them live too.

The mother, Maya, and her son, who had been born premature, were taken to receive treatment. Maya was infested with parasites, suffering from severe pneumonia and a pox virus, and couldn’t produce milk, leaving her newborn son without the vital colostrum he needed. Even with a blood transfusion this tiny premature baby could not fight the infections taking over his body. We provided Maya and her son with the best care possible at Cornell University, but it became clear that the neglect and stress from their life before their rescue had taken its toll. Maya’s son didn’t make it. Heartbroken, Maya continues to fight for her life, and we are by her side helping her every step of the way. You can help Maya, too, by contributing to our Emergency Rescue Fund and ensuring all rescued animals receive the care they need.

Stella and Abigail are now safe and have found peace at our New York Shelter.

Stella and Maya Farm Animal RescueStella and Maya Farm Animal Rescue

April 2012 Update

Stella, her baby, Abigail, and their friend Maya – the beautiful goats who were rescued from a slaughter house in December 2011 – have been adopted into a permanent loving home. It is amazing to see the bond between mother Stella and her daughter Abigail but also the bond that they both formed with Maya, the goat who lost her premature babies and who needed this bond so much. They are so happy and we are thrilled with their new home and new friends!

Stella and Maya Farm Animal Rescue