Fedor, Alexi, and Mishka: Three Ducks Saved by Heroic Act of Compassion

Fedor, Alexi, and Mishka ducks at Farm Sanctuary

Fedor, Alexi, and Mishka: Three Ducks Saved by Heroic Act of Compassion

When good Samaritan Rina Deych and her son Julian decided to go food shopping one day in September 2009, they didn’t suspect that a trip to the grocery store would turn into a dramatic rescue.

But when they drove by Boro Park in their hometown of Brooklyn, New York, they saw a throng of people gathered together, and as they got closer could hardly believe their eyes: a circle of children were taunting and tormenting three little ducks lying helplessly on the ground, while the adults just stood by and watched.

Shocked by the scene they’d stumbled upon, Rina jumped out of her car and demanded that the mob stop hurting the battered and terrified young ducks. Sadly, according to Rina, only two people among the crowd acknowledged that she was right to stand up against the senseless cruelty that was occurring. As Rina and Julian scooped the ducks up into their car, one man thanked the pair before they drove off with the birds in tow.

Skipping their supermarket spree, Rina and Julian brought the ducks – now named Mishka, Fedor and Alexi – back to their house to feed and care for them. Mishka seemed to have some film over his eyes and they were all missing a few feathers, indicating they may have been packed tightly in cages with their bodies forced to rub against wire. However, we are still not quite sure where the ducks came from: perhaps they had fallen off a truck en route to a live market, places where city dwellers can hand select animals for slaughter, or (because they are male Moulards) were bred for foie gras production.

The Deych family knew that Mishka, Fedor and Alexi couldn’t live with them forever, so they started making calls to find their friends a new home. Rina quickly got in touch with Farm Sanctuary, and we arranged for the birds to be transported to our New York Shelter, where they could be given all the loving attention and care that they will need to recover.

These days, Mishka, Fedor and Alexi can be found convalescing in their very own hospital stall, complete with a little swimming pool. Right now, they are being treated for wounds and scrapes, and Mishka, who sustained such severe trauma to his eye that he may never see out of it again, is scheduled to see an ophthalmologist this week. Once their health improves, we will be looking for a loving, permanent home where these three boys can live out the rest of their days in safety and peace. If you are able to open your heart and home to these sweet ducks in need, please learn more about and apply to join our Farm Animal Adoption Network today!