Evan: Baby Goat Found on Bronx Parkway Reaches Farm Sanctuary

Evan goat at Farm Sanctuary

Evan: Baby Goat Found on Bronx Parkway Reaches Farm Sanctuary

This summer, a certain intersection of New York City’s Hutchinson River Parkway in the Bronx seems to have turned into a conduit for wayward farm animals in search of refuge.

For, just weeks after two goats named Isadora and Duncan were rescued along this high-traffic stretch of road and brought to Farm Sanctuary, a third goat made an unexpected appearance in the same area. And, just like this pair of runaways, young Evan was probably an escapee from a nearby live market who would have been slaughtered for meat.

As the New York Times reported, Evan was first discovered grazing on the grounds of a nursing home near where the Hutchinson connects with I-95, and, at only about a month old, the adorable brown and white goat quickly captured the hearts of the facility’s resident seniors. The rest home staff placed Evan in the children’s yard of their daycare to keep him safe and away from the dangerous city streets until the New York City Animal Care & Control could pick him up and transport him to their Manhattan branch. From here, Farm Sanctuary volunteers and staff transported Evan upstate to our New York Shelter.

Evan goat

We welcomed Evan’s arrival with excitement as well as concern, because he was emaciated, lethargic and suffering from a bad case of pneumonia and severe infestation of internal and external parasites (including lice) that weakened his body and caused him to become anemic. Even aggressive treatment with IV and sub-Q fluids administered by our mobile veterinarian was not enough to stabilize Evan’s condition, so we took him to the Cornell University Veterinary Hospital for further treatment. Fortunately, after doctors gave him a full blood transfusion (with plasma generously donated by another one of our goats named Simon), Evan started to feel a little better.

However, when Evan remained more quiet and lethargic than is normal for a young kid after returning home, we took him back to Cornell for further diagnostics to determine other possible treatment options since his pneumonia did not seem to be responding to the antibiotics he was taking. Now home from the hospital, Evan is still convalescing and receiving various antibiotics and de-worming medications, but has been steadily getting better and eating more. We are hopeful that his condition will continue to improve and that he will make a full recovery with lots of loving attention and care.

Farm Sanctuary is only able to come to the aid of needy animals like Evan through the dedicated support of members like you. Help us keep making a difference for Evan and other animals in need of rescue – please donate to our Emergency Rescue Fund today! Little Evan, and all of us here at Farm Sanctuary, thank you for your lifesaving gift!