Isadora and Duncan: Escape (Goats) from New York

Isadora and Duncan goats at Farm Sanctuary

Isadora and Duncan: Escape (Goats) from New York

You’ve heard of scapegoats, but how about escapegoats?

That’s what officers from New York City Animal Care & Control (AC&C) and the New York City Police Department’s Emergency Services Unit found wandering the traffic-clogged streets of the Bronx in July: two young goat kids, only months old, walking along the roadside near the junction of I-95 South and the Hutchinson River Parkway. After being spirited to AC&C’s Manhattan shelter and spending some time amongst homeless cats and dogs, the pair was transported to their new home at Farm Sanctuary in Watkins Glen where we enthusiastically welcomed them with wide open arms.

Based on our extensive experience rescuing stray farm animals found roaming around the Big Apple, we believe that Isadora and Duncan are runaways from one of the Borough’s live markets, places where animals are hand-selected by customers and slaughtered on site. Though we don’t know the details of their ordeal, it must have been harrowing, judging from the condition they were in when they arrived at the shelter. Both goats were covered in ticks and lice, and Isadora was significantly underweight while Duncan suffered from a painful foot infection. After receiving care and a battery of health tests at the Cornell University Hospital for Animals and ongoing treatments from caregivers at Farm Sanctuary, both goats are doing well and recovering nicely.

Isadora and Duncan goats in the hay

Isadora and Duncan’s loyalty to one another throughout their escape from certain slaughter and survival in the big city continues to shine through at the New York Shelter where the two goats have found safe haven. They are inseparable and cry loudly if they are apart for even a few seconds, signifying the deep emotional bond forged by their shared adventure. Isadora and Duncan’s love for one another and affection for their caregivers will only grow stronger over time as they get accustomed to being truly cared for in a safe and nurturing environment.

We are overjoyed that these brave babes are now in good company with other celebrated New York City escapees living at Farm Sanctuary’s New York Shelter. These heroic freedom-loving farm animals include Goodwin the pygmy goat, beloved sheep Lucky Lady, the crafty cows Maxine and Queenie, and Joey the Brooklyn goat.

Farm Sanctuary is only able to rescue and rehabilitate animals like Isadora and Duncan because of the compassion and generosity of members like you. Help us continue to make second chances like these possible for animals in need by making a donation to our Emergency Rescue Fund today! We, and the animals, thank you for this precious gift!