Wendy: Wayward Chicken Lands at the California Shelter

Wendy chicken at Farm Sanctuary

Wendy: Wayward Chicken Lands at the California Shelter

Why did this chicken cross the road? No one’s quite sure, but she must have traveled far to get to the suburban backyard in Carmichael, California where two young animal-loving siblings named Daniel (age 13) and Emma (age 10) Mecham found her wandering around.

After naming her Wendy and convincing their dad to let them keep the friendly hen at their house, the brother and sister made and posted fliers around the neighborhood looking for whoever had lost the feathered fugitive, and even wound up being featured on a segment of CBS’s “Good Day Sacramento”.

Two weeks passed and no one came to claim Wendy, so with Daniel and Emma neglecting their homework, the family decided it would be best to find Wendy a permanent home where she could enjoy the company of other birds like her. When Farm Sanctuary heard from one of the Mecham’s relatives that they were looking for someone to adopt Wendy and keep her out of harm’s way, we were more than happy to oblige by bringing her to our California Shelter in Orland, where she currently resides happily with another hen and two turkeys.

Farm Sanctuary California Shelter Director Leanne Cronquist reports that Wendy has already adjusted well to her new habitat. “She is very friendly and outgoing with people, and loves getting attention,” she said. “She is currently living with another fancy-breed hen and two turkeys who are 20 times her size, but this doesn’t intimidate Wendy in the least. She definitely has a strong personality and does what she wants to do, which includes investigating whatever part of her surroundings happens to pique her curiosity.”

Wendy chicken Farm Animal Rescue

Wendy spends her days picking seeds from amongst the straw in her stall, and at night sleeps roosting peacefully atop the wall of the stall she shares. Because Wendy weighs only two pounds, she will eventually move in with the turkey ladies and many special needs birds, as well as another miniature bantam hen with whom Wendy is sure to become fast friends.

Thanks to Farm Sanctuary members, hens like Wendy and hundreds of other animals have a place to call home. If you would like to help us provide these animals with everything they need to live happily and comfortably at the shelter for the rest of their lives, learn how to become a farm animal sponsor online or call us at 607-583-2225 ext. 225 today.