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Adriano sheep at Farm Sanctuary

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Rescue Date

April 24, 2012


Farm Sanctuary, New York


Finn/Romanov Cross

Adriano was just a lamb when he and his family were found starving to death in a squalid barn.

We rescued more than 60 desperately neglected creatures from the property, whose owner had run a business breeding farm animals he bought cheaply at livestock auctions. He would then butcher their young in a makeshift slaughterhouse. From the start of Adriano’s new life at the shelter, he was fiercely protective of his mother and his twin sister, Isabella. Once, when a staff member briefly separated him from his family during a barn cleaning, the little, 30-pound sheep responded with a head-butt! These days, Adriano is quite a bit larger and much more trusting (and a big fan of head-scratches!), but this proud, confident sheep remains a devoted protector of his mother and sister.


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Adriano Sheep at Farm Sanctuary