Adopt a Farm Animal

Double the Love: Adopt Pietro Calf, Treeline Cheese Will Match Your Gift!

Pietro calf nibbling a tree at Farm Sanctuary

Adopt a Farm Animal

Double the Love: Adopt Pietro Calf, Treeline Cheese Will Match Your Gift!



Rescue Date

March 4, 2021

Quick Facts

As a sick and injured male, Pietro was deemed “worthless” by the dairy industry. Now he’s thriving at Sanctuary.

Pietro is a curious and playful little calf with a big taste for adventure!

Pietro loves exploring new pastures, dropping in to visit his neighbors, and bounding to our sides for an affectionate scratch. But just four months ago, Pietro broke his leg and couldn’t walk—and so the dairy where he lived planned to put him to death.

The dairy industry only keeps profitable cows and since males like Pietro can’t make milk, they’re often sold for veal or beef production and slaughtered at just a few weeks or months old. Unhealthy animals have even less time, as few dairies will invest in their treatment—only to send them off to slaughter anyway.

Thanks to a kind rescuer, Pietro recovered and now has a chance at a long and healthy life at Sanctuary. There are kinder alternatives to dairy production––and Pietro’s life is worth it!

Pietro calf wearing a cone, recuperating in the grass at Farm Sanctuary

Farm Sanctuary & Treeline Cheese

We need your help to change the future for more calves like Pietro.

For a one-time donation of $35, you can sponsor Pietro through our Adopt a Farm Animal Program. In gratitude, we’ll send you a digital adoption certificate featuring this playful explorer. And, when you donate, our friends at Treeline Cheese will match your gift dollar-for-dollar, up to $10,000!

This is our sixth annual collaboration honoring survivors of the dairy industry and we’re so grateful for their support!

Sponsor Pietro
Pietro calf nibbling a tree at Farm Sanctuary


calves are slaughtered for veal every year in the United States.

Your symbolic adoption will support Pietro’s care—from fresh food and bedding to any medical treatments he’ll need to stay healthy. Your gift also funds our larger rescue, education, and advocacy work: helping us rescue other cows from cruelty, educate more people on the harms of “Big Dairy,” and create a more compassionate food system.

If you adopt between now and July 31st, your support is matched up to $10,000.