Adopt a Farm Animal

Double the Love: Adopt Norman Steer and Treeline Cheese Will Match Your Gift!

Norman steer at Farm Sanctuary

Adopt a Farm Animal

Double the Love: Adopt Norman Steer and Treeline Cheese Will Match Your Gift!



Rescue Date

July 28, 2021

Quick Facts

Norman’s rescuer spared him from slaughter by the dairy industry. After nine years of living apart from a herd, Norman met his new family at Farm Sanctuary.

Norman is the gentlest of our gentle giants.

He greets the world with kind, soulful eyes; approaches slowly and carefully when seeking attention; and offers a strong, steady shoulder when people need a friend. It is no surprise that following his rescue last summer, Norman became a fast favorite of Farm Sanctuary staff and visitors alike.

At 10 years old, Norman is well into middle age. In an alternate reality, however, he might have only lived a few weeks to months at most. Sadly, this is the reality for nearly five million male calves born into the dairy industry each year. Since boys don’t make milk, they’re of little value to dairy producers. They’re either killed on-site or sold, raised, and slaughtered for veal or cheap beef.

This July, Farm Sanctuary and Treeline Cheese are hosting our seventh yearly fundraiser to support Norman’s care and advocate compassionate alternatives to cow’s milk. When you sponsor Norman with a $35 gift, Treeline Cheese will match your donation – doubling your support!

We can’t imagine a world without Norman — and we’re already living in a world that denies other calves the chance to grow up and thrive. All for a glass of milk or a slice of cheese.

Norman standing in a field with text that says Adopt Me

Farm Sanctuary & Treeline Cheese

We need your help to change the future for more animals like Norman.

For a one-time donation of $35, you can sponsor Norman through our Adopt a Farm Animal program. In gratitude, we’ll send you a digital adoption certificate featuring this gentle guardian. And, when you donate, our friends at Treeline Cheese will match your gift dollar-for-dollar, up to $10,000!

This is our seventh yearly collaboration honoring survivors of the dairy industry, and we’re so grateful for their support!

Sponsor Norman
Norman steer at Farm Sanctuary

Norman stands among his friends in the herd.

Male calves don't produce milk, so those born into the dairy industry are often raised for veal.

Your symbolic adoption will support Norman’s care — from fresh food and bedding to any medical treatments he’ll need to stay healthy. Your gift also funds our larger rescue, education, and advocacy work: helping us rescue other cows from cruelty, educate more people on the harms of “Big Dairy,” and create a more just and compassionate food system.

If you adopt between now and July 31, your support is matched up to $10,000.