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Diane Cow at Farm Sanctuary's New York shelter

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Rescue Date

March 30, 2013


Farm Sanctuary, New York



Diane escaped death not once but twice before arriving at Sanctuary.

Born small and sickly at a dairy farm, she was slated to be killed as a newborn. Someone visiting the farm intervened, however, offering to take her instead. This rescuer found Diane placement at neighbor’s dairy so she could be with other cattle. Unfortunately, this facility put Diane into production. Her tail was docked, and she was consigned to four years as a “stall cow,” never leaving the barn. All the while, she was kept producing milk through an exhausting cycle of impregnation, gestation, birth, and the loss of her calves. When she stopped producing offspring, and thus stopped producing milk, Diane was once again slated for slaughter. Luckily, her original rescuers found out and contacted us. We offered to welcome Diane to our New York shelter. This over-taxed cow arrived miserable and in pain from an untreated health ailment, but with some TLC, she was soon feeling great. Diane is an amazing being, and we’re so glad she’s part of the shelter family.


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Diane Cow and Jay Steer at Farm Sanctuary's New York shelter