2020 Featured Rescues

Hans goat at Farm Sanctuary

2020 Featured Rescues

Bruce and Evan: Adorable Calves Find Friendship at Sanctuary

Helena, Misha, and Priyanka: Hens Freed From Slaughterhouse During Birthday Rescue

Pete and Wayne: Hens on the Loose

Boots: Lonely Lamb Finds Sheep Friends at Last

Elli: Runaway Sheep Destined for Slaughter Finds Her Flock

Vector: From Feed Store to Chicken Spa

Venus and Cupid: Mother and Son Goats Find Permanent Home at Farm Sanctuary

Russell and Friends: Six Sanctuaries Rescue 113 Animals From Backyard Butcher

Squid: Farmers Give Injured Lamb a Second Chance

Lily, Opal, and Jyn: A New Type of Animal Adoption

Appa sheep: Injured Sheep Finds Sanctuary

Otto: Lamb Born With Severe Health Issues Given Care at Farm Sanctuary

Mad Max and Friends: Hens Rescued From Pandemic “Depopulaton” Find New Life at Sanctuary

Phoenix and Friends: 40 “Cage-Free” Hens From Egg Farm Fire Find Sanctuary

Freddie and Lenny: Two Calves Rescued From the Dairy Industry Find Friendship at Farm Sanctuary

Bitsy: Pig Rescued From Slaughter Twice, Now Living Her Best Life

Shirley: Remembering Beloved Goat, Sharing the Truth About Small Dairy

Shani: Baby Chick Finds His Way to Ruling a Roost

Autumn: Cow on the Run Escapes Slaughter

Otis: Lovable Rescue & The Unnamed Calf Who Helped Free Him

Tilly and Nilly: Adorable Rescued Chicks Find Friendship at Farm Sanctuary

Juniper, Sprinkles, and Friends: Chickens Rescued from Tornado Wreckage Find Safety at Farm Sanctuary

Avril: Remarkable Turkey Finds Her Way to Sanctuary

Thor, Lady Sif, Freyja, Brunnhilde, and Sheila: Farmer Sees Turkeys as Friends, Not Food

Hans: Young Goat Flees Slaughter and Finds Sanctuary

Polly, Barbarella, Shoshanna, and Izzy: Hens Go From Frat House to Sanctuary Life