2015 Featured Rescues

Laverne Sheep at Farm Sanctuary

2015 Featured Rescues

Hudson Valley Rescue: 170+ Animals Saved from Gruesome Scene of Neglect

Laverne and Shirley: Elderly Sheep Friends Retire to Sanctuary

Duckling Rescue: Baby Birds Escape Mail-Order Death Sentence

Marcia and Dan: Blind Goat and Sheep Find Sanctuary, Friendship

Anna and Maybelle: Piglets Rescued from the Roadside

Postal Peeps: 15 Chicks Saved by Postal Worker after Shipping Ordeal

Paul Harvey: Goat Kid Benefits from Decision to Drop the Dairy

Lola: Pig Saved from Slaughter by Her Best Friend

Vince & Calvin: New Kids at Sanctuary

Jolene: Desert Stray Finds an Oasis

Peanut: Sheep Saved by FFA Teen’s Change of Heart

Patsy and Dolly: Wild Donkeys Find Permanent Refuge

Levi: Tiny Goat Escapes Slaughter in Brooklyn Live Market

Romy: Lamb Receives Lifesaving Care

Manolito: Beverly Hills Calf

Mo and Koda Mae: From Dubious Shelter to True Sanctuary

60 Chickens Fall Off Transport Truck

Ferdinand: Pear Thief Sentenced to Life at Sanctuary

Emma: Calf Loses Leg, Gets Fighting Chance to Walk

Valentino: Disabled Calf is Lucky to Be Alive, Happy to Be at Sanctuary

Lucie and Za: Instead of Slaughter, Birth and Sanctuary

Flo the Piglet: In Vino Libertas

Reubie and Summer: Twin Lambs Born at Sanctuary

Hazelton: New Lamb Born at the New York Shelter

Hank: As an Era Ends, a Turkey’s Arrival Marks a Beginning