2014 Featured Rescues

Alicia and Amelie ducks at Farm Sanctuary

2014 Featured Rescues

2014 Featured Rescues

Sweety: Blind Cow Gets a New Life and a New Friend

Amelie and Alicia: Ducks Rescued From Peril on Ice

Gwendolyn and Gavin: Goats Rescued From a Cockfighting Ring

24 Rescued Turkey Poults Receiving Crucial Care at New York Shelter Bear: Abandoned Lamb Joins Farm Sanctuary Family

Ryan and Hemingway: Orphaned Gosling and Baby Goat Help Each Other Heal

Al Pacino: Abandoned Rooster Finds Safety and Companionship

Jordan and Mandy: Baby Goat and Lamb Rescued From NYC

Totes: Baby Goat Rescued by U.S. Coast Guardsman

More Than 300 “Spent” Hens Rescued From Slaughter Chandini: New Life For Cow Rescued From NYC Live Market

Jane and Friends: Chickens Survive Fall Onto Staten Island Freeway

Twister and Friends: Animals Receive Lifelong Sanctuary Thanks to Caregiver’s Legacy

Carlee: Lonely Sheep Joins the Farm Sanctuary Flock

Betsy, Honey, and Meredith: Reality-Show Cows Find a Real Home

Liam: Abandoned Sheep Receives Lifesaving Care

Gus and Roxy: Special Homes for Pigs with Special Needs

Holly: Police Find Calf-Napped Youngster in Car

Weechee and Friends: Roosters Brought in from the Cold