2013 Featured Rescues

Ari and Nik calves at Farm Sanctuary

2013 Featured Rescues

Ellen, Carrie, Emily, and Kristen: Ducks Saved From Foie Gras Factory

Nik: Calf Comes In From the Cold

Winterberry, Snow, and Jujubee: Turkeys Saved From Slaughter In The Nick of Time

Marshall: A Turkey Escapes The Machine

Buttercup, Bubbles, and Blossom: Hens Saved From Ritual Slaughter

Milly and Margo: Two Turkeys Who Aren’t “Too Old” for the Good Life

Taking Flight: Hundreds of Rescued Hens Flown 3,000 Miles to Refuge

Abigail: Sheep Found Loose in L.A.

Aysha: Sheep Spared From Sacrifice

Autumn: Hog-Tied Goat Rescued From Creek Bed

Ted and Leo: Starving Calves Rescued from Small Dairy

Safran: Newborn Saved From Calf-Ranch

Stefan: 4-H Steer Wins Sanctuary

Change of Heart Saves Chickens

Ari: Calf Born at Auction, Now Safe

Mark: Little Lamb Healed by Family

Winston: This Little Piggie Came Home

Marjorie: Hen Escapes Brooklyn Live Market

Mesa: Friendly Hen Escapes Brutal World of Cockfighting

Demeter: Former Laying Hen Found in Malibu

Thatcher: Gosling Saved By Small Boy with Big Heart

Chai, Masala, and Yerba Mate: Easter Ducklings Find a Home for All Seasons

Patrick and Delilah: Crippled Goats Begin to Heal

200 Factory Hens Rescued from Slaughter

Michael: Dairy Calf Narrowly Escapes Trip to the Auction

Animal House: Cornell Frat Surrenders Baby Goat

Marge Comes Home

Elderly Starving Sheep are Saved

Baby Turkeys Fall Out Of Truck, Land At Sanctuary

Monet and Matisse: Ducks Rescued From Foie Gras Factory

More Than 100 Chicks Saved After Mail Order Snafu