2011 Rescues

Olivia duck

2011 Rescues

Olivia: Disfigured Duck Healed at New York Shelter

Stella and Maya: Miracle Babies Save Mothers from Slaughter

Vinnie: Struggling Factory Chick Inspires Act of Mercy

William and Harry: Two Calves Receive Royal Treatment at Farm Sanctuary’s Animal Acres

Joey: Lamb Finds Refuge after Unlikely Rescue

Sonny: Little Calf Finds Sunny Days at Our New York Shelter

Tinsel and Holly: It’s a Wonderful Life for Two Calves

22 Baby Chicks Rescued from Factory Farm, Left at Shelter Doorstep

Fanny: Mother Finds Safe Haven After Grim Fate at Auction

Reggie: Piglet Finds Safe Ending to Curious Experiment

Arnold and Friends: Five Calves Who Narrowly Escaped Death

Little Eric Finds Freedom

Clementine and Clarence: Two Chickens Find Sanctuary

A Safe Thanksgiving for 25 Baby Turkeys

Sebastian and Jane: Tenacious Piglets Make It to Safety

The New Kids: Baby Goats Thriving after Risky Births

Fiesta: Chicken’s Rescue Provides An Extra Reason to Celebrate Veggie Pride

Phoebus, Blake and Sixer: Dairy Calves Rescued from Starvation

Scooter: Runt Defies the Odds, then Finds Compassion and Sanctuary

Tobias and Buster: Baby Goats Escape Grim Fate and Join Our New York Shelter

The Elmira Six: Easter Ducklings Dumped, Then Rescued

Francis and Pamela: Lambs Slated for Auction Find Refuge at New York Shelter

Noel: Goat Found Hog-Tied in Car Trunk Now Free at California Shelter